Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moral Corruption

I recently had, as many other freelance writers had too, a what I thought was a good gig, and then didn't get paid for it. I now understand that the magazine company I dealt with is morally corrupt. The company's name is Laray Carr Publications aka LCP aka Laray Carr Media. It is a very long story and can be read in it's entirety here at Deb Ng's Freelance Writing Jobs blog. Initially it started as a twitch with some writers that something was not kosher. The more that was written on Deb's blog, the more people that became involved. I know I'm owed 500.00 but there are many others who are owed more money than that.

Today LCP's Hope Hunt e-mailed many writers saying the articles submitted were rejected. Come on...ALL of them? It would seem this was the plan all along. Hope Hunt the director of publications of Laray Carr, has told many writers via e-mail that they would get paid by Sept. 20th, 2007 and than before October 1st. It was a lead on all along.

It's obvious that LCP is morally corrupt. Some writers are taking legal recourse and others are just selling their articles elsewhere. Either way, money is lost for writers who were counting on that money to pay some bills.

Taking advantage of people is wrong. I guess they don't know that. Now if anyone does a search on them, I hope they find my blog along with the other blogs posted about them, so that other writers won't fall for their scheme also. As writers, we need to stick together and let others know our work is important. Heck, one person from within the company said 80 percent of the work submitted was crap. What a crock. It just simply can not logically be true that all of those articles are "crap." It is just an out for LCP to not pay us writers.

Make sure to NOT work for this company.

Make sure to view Deb Ng's blog to get all the daily information on this company. Recently it has been noted that Hope Hunt has not been paid either. Someone is helping the writers in filing complaints on Deb's blog also.


ShadraB said...

Hope Hunt is just another victim of Laray Carr!!! All of us are. Even this very night Roger Owens, the only known person who actually is involved in the LCP business, tried to tell me that the websites are up and coming and so are the checks, even though we're verified through multiple sources that Roger Owens and Quincy Laray Carr are in fact the same person. Please don't blame Hope or anyone else. We were all just trying to do a job and NONE of us have been paid.

Micah Reeves said...

Hi Shadrab,
I posted in the last paragraph that Hope was not paid either. You are very right...NONE of us have been paid. Designers, writers, marketers, and more.